MCF Defence Values Studies

MCF Defence Values Studies

The following studies are a series on MCF Defence Values. In this series we discover that the Australian Defence Force Values are as timeless as the Bible and a guide for Christian living. Adherence to the Defence Values is something expected of all members of the ADF and Department of Defence. Professionalism, Integrity, Courage, Loyalty, Teamwork, and Innovation are core characteristics of the culture of the ADF.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that these values are also inherently Christian values. This series is based upon articles written by senior ADF officers and clergy and originally appeared in Crossfire, MCF‟s magazine. They explain why these biblical values are not only important to our military life but essential to our Christian walk. MCF groups are encouraged to use these essays as topics for study and discussion during meetings and study groups.

Professionalism, by RADM Trevor Ruting

Integrity, by Bishop Dr Tom Frame

Courage, by Bishop Len Eacott

Teamwork, by CHAP Eric Burton

Loyalty, by LTCOL Mick Mumford

Innovation, by GPCAPT Gary Pianegonda