About Us

About MCF

The Military Christian Fellowship of Australia (MCF-A or MCF) is an interdenominational Christian fellowship of all ranks from all services and civilians who seek to promote Christian faith in the ADF. Our mission is to promote Christian faith in the Australian Defence Organisation (ADO) by;

  • Being a disciple for Christ,
  • Encouraging, supporting and developing Christians in the ADO, and
  • Actively supporting the ministry of Christian ADF Chaplains.

We help members live effectively as Christians in the ADF, by providing support to;

  • Local area groups,
  • Deployed members,
  • ADF Chaplains, and
  • Other Christian Military Ministries.

Some of the things MCF offers are:

  • A Christian faith based network of groups and individuals across Australia,
  • Promotion of Prayer for Defence
  • MCF seminars with engaging speakers and topics relevant to the life of faith in Defence,
  • Production of resources such as Crossfire Magazine
  • Connection with other Christian ministries through assisting with the Defence Christians’ Dinners and more…


Connect with a Small Group

The Military Christian fellowship consists of essentially small groups in ships, units & local areas, meeting together for the purpose or prayer and bible reading.  MCF groups are strongly urged to support and assist local Chaplains.
There is a network of MCF groups at many Defence establishments. Click here to find an MCF group near you!


We are proud of our service to the ADF, please read our history here.


The Military Christian Fellowship is linked with the Association of Military Christian Fellowships (AMCF) which has advantages for our service persons located overseas or for visiting ships, as well as in the provision of worldwide prayer support. The AMCF is a global community with member groups in over 100 nations.

MCF-A AGM Minutes

Please find the latest Military Christian Fellowship of Australia Annual General Meeting minutes here: 2020 AGM Minutes

MCF Leadership

MCF is a predominately lay lead grass roots fellowship, with an administrator, national council and executive committee to oversight, assist, support and encourage small groups around Australia.

MCF Constitution 2020

MCF Council Membership


Alan Clements, AM, CSC

MCF-A Patron
  CHAP Stephen (Steve)
Neuhaus RFD
MCF-A Chair

Darren Thomas


MCF-A Vice Chair



Mr David Coleman Secretary

Andrew Lewis


Chaplains’ Representative
Mr Sam Hays MCF-A Members’ Representative

Steven Cutts


MCF-A Members’ Representative
MAJ (Ret’d) Geoff Robertson MCF-A Members’ Representative

MCF-A Staff

 Mrs Julie Jaensch MCF-A National Administrator

Ministry Support

Dr Brendan Pell MCF-A Prayer Coordinator
Mr David Coleman Crossfire Magazine Editor





Dillon Beatson




Brendon Lukin

MCF-A Deployment Coordinators
CHAP Mitchell Herps Support to Chaplain Rep
  PTE Dillon Beatson Support to Member Reps
  Mr Paul Sheehan Media Outreach Resources Officer
Mr Jono Thow Webmaster

If you would like to get in contact with one of the council members, look us up on the DRN Corporate Directory or contact the MCF Office [email protected]

MCF Membership

MCF does not exist merely to support it’s members, but rather all Christians in the ADO. But like any organisation, members are involved in the decision-making, administration, and support of MCF.

Membership is free and it connects you with a network of Christians across Australia, gives you access to MCF resources, a say in the leadership and direction of the Fellowship, and access to further ministry within the ADO such as becoming an MCF Centurion, an MCF Prayer Warrior, or Area Rep. So, if you are interested in doing more to promote Christian faith in the ADO through MCF then become a member.

MCF is interdenominational in character, and a personal commitment to Jesus Christ who is Lord and Saviour of all is the essential qualification for membership of MCF.

Ordinary Membership is open to the following people:

  1. members and ex-members of the ADF, and their spouses;
  2. accredited representatives of philanthropic organisations who are closely associated with the ADF;
  3. civilians who are currently working alongside ADF personnel, or who did so in the past for a period of at least one year; and
  4. members and ex-members of the armed forces of foreign countries who are currently residing in Australia.

Applicants may become Ordinary Members by agreeing to the MCF statement of belief.

Associate Membership is open to all other persons who express an interest in MCF and agree to the statement of belief. Associate Members will be included on the same mailing list and receive the same MCF literature as Ordinary Members and are welcome at MCF events. However, Associate Members will not be able to vote at the AGM and cannot be elected to the National Council.

You may also be interested in checking out the MCF Constitution.

Centurion Program

“I tell you the truth; I have not found anyone in Israel with such great faith.” These were the words that Jesus used to describe the Centurion in Capernaum. Imagine that; a military Christian getting such a rap from the Son of God. The bible tells us only a little about this man in Luke’s gospel, Chapter 7. We do know he cared for his men, loved and served his nation, was generous in supporting his local ministry, was humble, was decisive, and had a very simple but rock-steady faith. Why aren’t we all like this Christian? Why is he so rare?

The ADO needs Christians like this Centurion. MCF needs members like this Centurion, who are willing to support MCF-A with prayer, finance, and faith. We need members who are willing to go beyond just reading about military Christianity in Cross Fire. We need members who want to see MCF impact the ADO for Christ. We need members who are so led by the Lord to achieve our mission and objectives that they will partner with Council in providing prayer, encouragement, regular financial support, and rock-like faith.

The MCF Centurion program aims to have 100 MCF-A members who are Centurions.

An MCF Centurion:

  1. Commits to pray using MCF’s weekly prayer calendar; rain, hail, shine, or deployment.
  2. Receives a Centurion Pack of signature items to personally recognise their commitment.  This will include a Centurion coffee mug, limited edition MCF Centurion lapel pin, a 15%-off coupon for Koorong bookstores, and a book.
  3. Commits to give $10, $20 $50 or $100 each fortnight, either through allotments or bank transfer or annual lump sum, to MCF. (Tax Deductable)
  4. Agrees to promote MCF by displaying MCF advertising in their local Defence Installation and church.

For the list of current MCF Centurions, see here.

Want to be one of our Hundred? Become a Centurion today!

Statement of Belief

MCF is a non-denominational, Australian Taxation Office registered charity (ABN 47 812 823 572) that operates within the ADO. MCF has no specific theology nor does it subscribe to any specific doctrine, except that specified in the Bible. In order to achieve unity and avoid confusion with non-Christian groups MCF members agree to the following statement of faith (which is based upon the Nicene Creed, arguably the most agreed doctrinal statement of faith in the history of the Christian church).

I believe in one God, the Father, the Almighty, maker of heaven and earth, of all that is, seen and unseen. I believe in one Lord Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, eternally begotten of the Father, God from God, Light from Light, True God from True God, begotten, not made, of one being with the Father. Through him all things were made. For us all and for our salvation he came down from heaven: by the power of the Holy Spirit he was incarnate of the virgin Mary, and became man. For our sake he was crucified under Pontius Pilate; he suffered death and was buried. On the third day he rose again in accordance with the scriptures; he ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father. He will come again to judge the living and the dead, and his kingdom will have no end.

I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the giver of life, who proceeds from the Father and the Son. With the Father and the Son he is worshipped and glorified. He has spoken through the prophets. I believe in one holy catholic and apostolic church. I acknowledge one baptism for the forgiveness of sins. I look for the resurrection of the dead, and the life of the world to come. I believe that all scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realise what is wrong in our lives.