Become an Area Rep

Become an Area Rep

Information on being a MCF-A Representative

An MCF-A Representative, while not necessarily an ‘elder’ in a Christian denominational sense, does have a leadership and representational role and therefore should seek to live according to the spirit of 1 Timothy 3:1-12 and Titus 1:5-9. Any MCF member who in general possesses the following attributes and seeks to fulfil the expectations, may be an MCF-A Rep.

Attributes sought include:

a. being a student of God’s word who loves to bring people to Christ and to help them grow up in Him.
b. being hospitable.
c. having a love and concern for people as God has.
d. having a good reputation with outsiders with respect to personal life and military duties.
e. relating warmly and wisely to the Chaplains and their ministry.
f. being willing to serve others.

MCF-A Reps are expected to:
a. be a point of contact for information and literature for MCF
b. maintain contact with other MCF members in the area and with the National MCF leadership via the MCF Administrator
c. support the MCF ministry spiritually, socially and financially as able
d. encourage others to join MCF and take opportunities to raise the profile of MCF as appropriate
e. provide a brief report on activities and items of interest at least twice a year. Perhaps post National Day of prayer for Defence held around April and before the AGM held in the 1st week of Nov.

Other Activities:
MCF-A Reps should attempt to undertake the following as their gifts, abilities and the specific situation allow:
a. Organise and, preferably, lead a regular MCF meeting (may be weekly, monthly, etc) in their workplace. Such meetings may be for Bible study, prayer and/or evangelism, and should attempt to relate our Christian faith to the military context
b. Assist in liaison and organising visits by the Administrator and others
c. When posting elsewhere or finishing up will seek to find someone suitable to pass on the group leadership (providing guidance as needed) so there can be continuity for the MCF group.

Further Area Reps Information

MCF Area Representative

Application to become a MCF Rep
  • Please provide the name and contact of someone who will be able to vouch for your character (Email preferred)
  • I will seek to perform the duties of an MCF-A Representative in such a way as to advance the cause of Christ.