ANZAC Day Services, prayers and video 2021

ANZAC Day Services, prayers and video 2021

By MCF_Admin

This ANZAC Day the MCF Exec highly recommend watching the following YouTube video about Chaplains at Gallipoli and the Western Front.


Padre – ‘Where is God in this?’ was produced by Cityhope Church Ripley in Brisbane.

Feel free to share this approx. 1/2hr video with family, friends and your Church, with acknowledgment to Cityhope Church.

Video link:  (NOTE: this link can’t be viewed on the Defence Network)


Anzac Day Service from the Uniting Church in Australia: 

Uniting Church Defence Force chaplains have recorded messages and prayers for UCA members and congregations to mark ANZAC Day 2021.

Anzac Day Service from RAAF Chaplains:

We will remember them…

Welcome to our online chapel service for Anzac Day 2021. In this service we have Mark, our Director General of Chaplaincy, leading and Wayne, from our Chaplains College, bringing the message. Thank you to David for the Bible Reading and again to Tom for the music.

Here’s the Youtube link

May you be blessed as you worship God with us. Please subscribe to this channel for future services and feel free to share the link to the service as we support and encourage our wider Air Force family and supporters.

… Lest we forget

Prayers for ANZAC Day, veterans and their family: 

Heavenly Father, we give you sincere thanks for our families who in a real way serve alongside us during our period of service and who in turn go with us when we return to our civilian communities at the end. Father we also acknowledge that our families can also bear the impact of our service life, the extended training and exercise periods, the postings both welcome and unwelcome and the deployments. But Father we also acknowledge that our families can also suffer, often quite innocently, the negative side of our service, the physical and medical deterioration of our bodies, the mental and emotional trauma of what we have seen and done and the losses that we have experienced throughout our service. Father, we come to you today to ask for a sense of your gracious and loving presence for all of our veterans and their families today. For the healing of their bodies, their minds and their spirits in the name of Jesus.
We also acknowledge the impact of the Inspector General ADF Inquiry in to Afghanistan for some of our veteran community. We pray especially that they will be treated justly and fairly in this on-going judicial process. Father, we ask that you give much wisdom and discernment to those in the halls of justice and power in this country to be able to rightfully conclude this matter.
Heavenly Father, we also bring to you the tragic pain that veteran families experience at the suicide death of their partner, son or daughter, father or son. We ask Father for greater understanding for all of us as to how to help all those veterans that feel hope-less, friend-less and future-less. We ask for better and more insightful and empathetic responses from the Department of Veteran Affairs in how they look after both Defence members transitioning out of Defence and the wider veteran community. We pray for wisdom and discernment for the Federal Government in this matter of a Royal Commission into veteran suicides and how it relates to the recently created National Commissioner for Defence and Veteran Suicide Prevention, that whichever structure or body is agreed upon, that true and helpful insights will come to the fore that will encourage and strengthen our grieving veteran families.
In closing Heavenly Father, we come to you today, knowing that you love us and care for us and that you sent us your Son and our Saviour, Jesus Christ, to live in our lives and to transform us to being more like you each and every day. We pray all of this in His name. AMEN        (by Chaplain Bailey)

Prayers for week starting 25 April, from the MCF Prayer Calendar:

  • Pray for those who are feeling lonely and isolated by current restrictions or circumstances. Especially those who have served our nation and now may not have the opportunity to connect with mates this Anzac Day. Thank God for the service of all who have been involved with protecting and serving Australia over the years. Thank God for the Christians in the ADO who have been a strong witness to those they served and interacted with during their service. Pray those still serving will also be strong and faithful witnesses to all they engage with.
  • Pray for Defence Chaplains that God will use their witness to impact many for the Kingdom. Pray that God would give Chaplains a keen ability to understand people, and words from above to speak, both to challenge and to express care at critical moments.
  • Pray for MCF Reps and groups across Australia, that they will be strong witnesses in their locations and work commitments will allow for them to meet together. Pray that opportunities will open up to share their faith with workmates and more people will come to MCF groups to explore and grow in their faith.

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