Centurion Program

“I tell you the truth; I have not found anyone in Israel with such great faith.” These were the words that Jesus used to describe the Centurion in Capernaum. Imagine that; a military Christian getting such a rap from the Son of God. The bible tells us only a little about this man in Luke’s gospel, Chapter 7. We do know he cared for his men, loved and served his nation, was generous in supporting his local ministry, was humble, was decisive, and had a very simple but rock-steady faith. Why aren’t we all like this Christian? Why is he so rare?

The ADO needs Christians like this Centurion. MCF needs members like this Centurion, who are willing to support MCF-A with prayer, finance, and faith. We need members who are willing to go beyond just reading about military Christianity in Cross Fire. We need members who want to see MCF impact the ADO for Christ. We need members who are so led by the Lord to achieve our mission and objectives that they will partner with Council in providing prayer, encouragement, regular financial support, and rock-like faith.

The MCF Centurion program aims to have 100 MCF-A members who are Centurions.

An MCF Centurion:

  1. Commits to pray using MCF’s weekly prayer calendar; rain, hail, shine, or deployment.
  2. Receives a Centurion Pack of signature items to personally recognise their commitment.  This will include a Centurion coffee mug, limited edition MCF lapel pin, a 15%-off coupon for Koorong bookstores, and a book.
  3. Commits to give at least $10, $20 $50 or $100 each fortnight or yearly equivalent, either through allotments or bank transfer or annual lump sum, to MCF. (Tax Deductable)
  4. Agrees to promote MCF by displaying MCF advertising in their local Defence Installation and church.

For the list of current MCF Centurions, see here.

Want to be one of our Hundred? Become a Centurion today!