Small groups

Small Groups

The Military Christian Fellowship has groups across Australia at many Defence establishments. Like MCF-A, these groups are non-denominational and are a means by which Christians can connect and encourage each other. MCF-A doesn’t control these groups, we support them!

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If there is not an MCF Representative in your area, contact the MCF Office and ask to be put in contact with other MCF members at your Defence Establishment.

Starting a small group

If you would like to start an MCF-A group at the Defence Installation where you work, contact the MCF office to be put in touch with other MCF-A Christians at your location. You may choose to be an MCF-A Representative. An MCF Representative is a point of contact for information and literature for MCF and as a support for MCF members and others they come into contact with. We also encourage Reps where a group has formed to actively advertise their group and seek new members to join. Representatives have their names placed on the website and in the annual Crossfire magazine under their State and location.
The MCF-A Representative Information and Application form has further information on what an MCF-A Representative is.

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Anzac Park West Offices Contact: Mr Alex Chua Email: [email protected]

Brindabella Park Offices Contact: CAPT Brenda Youse Email: [email protected]

Campbell Park Offices Contact: Mr. David Coleman Email: [email protected]

Fairbain Contact: Mr John Grant Email: [email protected]

JOC Contact: CMDR Dan Sutherland Email: [email protected]

RMC / ADFA Contacts: LAC Brendon Lukin [email protected] MUSN Alexander Long [email protected]

Russell Offices Contact: Mr Glenn Thomas Email: [email protected]

Duty chaplain: CANBERRA 0410 028 957


Coffs Harbour Region
Contact: LTGEN (Ret’d) Barnabas Masih
Email: [email protected]

DEOTS Orchard Hills
Contact: Chaplain Rod Bailey
Email: [email protected]

Defence Plaza Sydney
Contact: Ms Luanne Mills
Email: [email protected]

DST Group Sydney – Eveleigh
Contact: Mr Timothy Dell
Email: [email protected]

HQJOC Bungendore
Contact: SQNLDR Alyssa Badgery
Email: [email protected]

RAAF Base Glenbrook
Contact: MR Brett Gash
Email: [email protected]

HMAS Albatross
Contact: LEUT Kate Carriage
Email: [email protected]

Penrith (Danallam House)
Contact: Mr Benny Thio
Email: [email protected]

RAAF Base Richmond
Contact: LAC Joshua Allanson
Email: [email protected]

RAAF Base Wagga
Contact: CPL Andy Summers
Email: [email protected]

RAAF Base Williamtown
Contact: Mr Jamie Young
Email: [email protected]

Duty Chaplain Sydney: 0411 203 618


HMAS Coonawarra / Larrakeyah Barracks
Contact: AB Luke Eglinton
Email: [email protected]

Robertson Barracks
Contact: LCPL Beau Maclean
Email: [email protected]
On call Duty Chaplain ARMY: 0427 713 963 or Switch 08 8925 2000

RAAF Tindal
On Call Duty Chaplain AIR FORCE: 0427 890 054 or Switch: 08 8973 6111

RAAF Base Darwin
On call Duty Chaplain AIR FORCE 0477 308 064 or Switch: 08 8923 8888

Duty Chaplain NAVY Northern Territory: 0457 712 743
Duty Chaplain ARMY Northern Territory: 0427 713 963
Duty Chaplain RAAF Northern Territory: 0477 308 064


DSTO Edinburgh, Hampstead Barracks and Keswick Barracks
Contact: Mr Mark Baulis
Email: [email protected]

Future Submarine Program, Dudley Park  Contact: Mr Wayne O’Hara Email: [email protected]

Duty Chaplain South Australia: 0438 761 403


NHQ Tasmania; Anglesea Barracks; Derwent Barracks; Warrane Barracks
Contact: CHAP Scott Sargent
Email: [email protected]

Duty Chaplain covering Tasmania is from HMAS Cerberus 0417 494 803 who will activate Tasmania Reserve chaplains as required.


Bandiana South
Contact: Mr Ken Matthews
Email: [email protected]

DSTO Fisherman’s Bend
Contact: Mr Graeme Simpkin
Email: [email protected]

Contact: CHAP Stephen Maggs
Email: [email protected]

RAAF East Sale
Contact FLTLT Charles ‘CT’ Tomlinson
Email: [email protected]

RAAF Williams
Contact: CHAP (FLTLT) David Enticott
Email: [email protected]

Simpson Barracks – Watsonia

Contact CHAP Cameron West

Email: [email protected]

Victoria Barracks Melbourne
Contact: Mrs Pam Smith
Email: [email protected]
Alt Contact: Mr Andrew St John
Email: [email protected]

or Contact: WO2 Darren Thomas
Email: [email protected]

Duty Chaplain HMAS Cerberus: 0417 494 803


Sadly we currently have no WA MCF Representatives. If you are interested in considering Representing MCF in your area please check out the following info on becoming a Rep

Emergency/ Duty Chaplain Western Australia: 0407 212 967
Emergency/ Duty Chaplain Perth Area: 0418 685 537