Isolation Resources

Isolation Resources

By MCF_Admin

Resources for you and your family during COVID-19.

Links and offers will be updated as new information comes to hand.

Feel free to share anything found here with family, friends, churches and others.

If you have something that could be added to this page or if you have a question on something you’ve seen on this page please email: [email protected]

Something to think about – 1527 Pandemic Advice from Martin Luther

In 1527, the reformer Martin Luther’s city of Wittenberg, Germany, was hit by the bubonic plague. In a letter to his friend during the outbreak, Martin Luther wrote:

“I shall ask God mercifully to protect us. Then I shall fumigate, help purify the air, administer medicine, and take it. I shall avoid places and persons where my presence is not needed in order not to become contaminated and thus perchance infect and pollute others, and so cause their death as a result of my negligence… If my neighbour needs me, however, I shall not avoid place or person but will go freely, as stated above. See, this is such a God-fearing faith because it is neither brash nor foolhardy and does not tempt God.”

Forum of Christian Military Ministry (FCMM) news

Defence Church Service – Chaplains are live streaming non denominational Church Services every last Sunday of the [email protected] 1700, via the Duntroon Chapel Facebook page. Past services can be viewed via the Duntroon Chapel Facebook videos section.

RAAF Church Services – can be found fortnightly on ForceNet – Chaplaincy Services – Air Force Families (they’d love you to join the group).
You can also search YouTube for the Services each fortnight….. Air Force Chapel Service

Solid Rock – Connecting Christian women who’s partner, child or they themselves are in the ADF. For Zoom meeting info visit the Solid Rock Facebook page. Everyone across Australia are welcome to be involved. If you have questions or for more info email: Solid Rock

ALTC Christian Resources/Worship Services – thank you to CHAP Skipper for encouraging MCF and it’s members to use this.

These are on ADELE: access link You may have some access problems on Internet Explorer, Chrome and Edge are fine. It also able to be accessed by phone or personal computer if you sign up for the link. (You need to have a defence email address to access.)

The main content is the Worship Services which are 30 minutes in duration including songs, prayers, Bible reading and the message.

MCF Partner news and offers

National Prayer Breakfast

All welcome to attend this free live streamed event.

MONDAY 12 October 2020. 7.30am – 8.30am AEDST and AWST

I am very pleased to announce that registration is now open and our guest speaker this year will be Dr. Meredith Lake. Meredith is a highly regarded speaker on history, faith and culture. Meredith’s cultural history of The Bible in Australia has won numerous awards including the 2019 Prime Minister’s Literary Award for Australian History. She currently hosts Soul Search on ABC Radio National and is an Honorary Associate of the Department of History, Sydney University.
In the midst of the COVID19 pandemic, we will gather with one spirit in Christ’s name wherever you are all across our nation through an online event.
The Prime Minister, Members of the House of Representatives, Senators, and our guest speaker, will be sharing how their personal faith makes a difference as they serve our nation. During this difficult time, we wish to pray for all our leaders and for the Father’s blessing in every aspect of Australian life.

Unlike other years, there will be no charge (thanks to our sponsor soon to be announced). Also, we invite you to host a breakfast at which your friends, members of your church or community group may gather (ensuring you obey local COVID19 restrictions) to watch the live stream. You could even consider inviting your local Member, Senator or civic leaders. We will soon provide further details.
You may now register via the button below!
Leon Hribar

City Bible Forum

Registration link:

Bible Society of Australia – Loads of resources, podcasts and helpful links.

Find them all at:

Bible Society have created a resource landing page to help people engage with the Bible during this tough period of COVID-19. We have been lucky enough to obtain Bible resources from our partners as well as have created some ourselves. All the resources on this landing page are free. There will be something for everyone on the page, so please have a look, use and share the page with people. The resources include:

Kids and Youth resources from animations and videos to curriculum and work sheets
Online events to help youth have their questions answered
Free Gospels, NT and other resources such as Meet Jesus by Mike Raiter
Help with taking your Church gathering online

Link for more info and to order free booklets:

Koorong – As the world closes its borders, Koorong see an increased need to open the Bible to all people, everywhere. We are keeping up-to-date with health guidelines and implementing measures so that we can continue to source and supply the Christian books, Bibles, and resources we all need. We’re still ordering books, reading them, reviewing them, recommending them, selling them, and sending them out.

Find out more at:

Trauma healing postcards (and a trauma healing booklet) can be download for free from The Trauma Healing Institute/American Bible Society website. They are great resources for people grieving and those going through traumatic circumstances. Go to: (There are also booklets on COVID-19)

Bible Studies, Bible Courses, Talks, Books and Concerts (most discounted or free)

(Please also check the Bible Society of Australia for study resources)

Ridley Bible College  (Melbourne) – Free Bible Course Unit

Bible Overview helps you discover the whole message of the Bible in six online lessons. It will help you grasp the big story of the Bible, and how to make more sense of the different Bible readings you hear.
For more info or to enrol: Click here




Our Daily Bread –  free devotional booklet

Did you know that the “Our Daily Bread” Christian devotion booklet is available online, via email, app, or in print, free of charge from their website? They also have a ton of other resources you can browse through if interested. Link to the website:

Thank you Chaplain Barry for sharing this info.

Look after yourself (mental and physical aids)

Looking after your mental health

If you’re working from home remember to look after your spiritual and physical health but also your mental health. Thank you to RAAF Chaplain Emma Street for sharing these good tips.

Working at Home – Brain Breaks

Just as pauses and rest days are important for achieving peak physical fitness, the same applies for mental fitness. A working routine needs “brain breaks” for optimal mental performance. Short periods of movement or creative thinking, like a recovery exercise, refreshes the brain and replenishes mental resources.

A day on base is full of natural mental breaks, as we walk around, engage in casual conversations, take coffee breaks, queue at the mess, PT, or chat to a wandering chaplain.

Working at home, it is easy to lose those little breaks as there are less interruptions and we can sit for long periods on the PC or telephone.

Some home ‘brain breaks’:
1. Have a mid-morning virtual coffee with friends or colleagues.
2. Change your environment. Have your coffee/lunch in a different room, outside, or just stand looking out the window. If you can, head out and grab a takeaway.
3. Try a 5-minute walk or some small physical activity, either hourly or after a long task.
4. If you use a printer, see if you can set it up in a different room to your PC.
5. Lunch time PT is great. There are some good videos to help with that.
6. At the end of a working day, ‘leave’ work by walking to the letterbox and back.
7. Avoid tech in the bedroom. If you are not On-Call, try leaving the phone in another room.

Managing COVID-19 anxiety

Grant B is from (Crusaders) He has produced a helpful 5 minute YouTube resource on managing COVID-19 anxiety. Grant is a Christian Psychologist.     YouTube link

An ADF Chaplain shared a great article on how and why we feel the way we do during this pandemic.

    Here’s the link

– Phonix Australia

In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Phoenix Australia have developed a range of resources to benefit the community and practitioners.

They have tip sheets, and brief videos of senior staff discussing the mental health impacts, including on children and the elderly, and giving advice for business with staff working remotely.

Professor David Forbes has penned an article which appeared in major newspapers and is reprinted on their website. In What is COVID-19 doing to our mental health? Professor Forbes discusses the importance of social support and connectedness, and what individuals and practitioners can do to support wellbeing during social isolation.

They will continue to add resources to the COVID-19 page, so please remember to revisit the page.

Advice for ADF personnel who assisted in bushfire recovery

Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel have been assisting bushfire affected communities as part of relief efforts following the recent fires. They should remember to monitor their mental health and wellbeing in an often stressful environment. Nicole Sadler provides some insights and self-care advice via


Do you or someone you know need a bit of advice during this time of uncertainty? The Salvation Army may be able to provide some advice. Visit their website for more info:

Violence in the home by children or adolescents – resource and help guide

Are you or someone you know struggling with violent and abusive behaviour from your children or adolescents?

‘Walking on eggshells…’ is a resource for parents and carers who are dealing with violent and abusive behaviour from their children and adolescents. Although this is a specific resource for families in South Australia it will still provide helpful information.

The resources have been developed from The Respectful Relationships project which is a partnership between Relationships Australia (SA), Flinders University and Southern Junction Community services supported by an advisory group comprising members of a range of Youth and Community agencies.

Thank you to Chaplain O’Sullivan for sharing this info. Feel free to forward this resource.

For the kids

Also check out the Bible Society of Australia for resources, and from time to time free offers.

From MCF FCMM partner, the Salvation Army, some free resources.

Kidzone, an award-winning Christian magazine for kids, is being made available free online every week.

For the Kids: Go to and the kids can read the magazine.

For Parents/Carers: Go to for more resources and links to help your child get the most out of the magazine.

From Vic Gov via MCF Member Rep based in Melbourne – WO2 Darren Thomas

Here are some children support activities for those who are caring for, or wish they could, children, grandkids, niece and nephews or neighbours during these difficult and frustrating times.
These Care Packs provide tips and guidance on how to build positive mental health in children, and offer a range of simple, evidence-based activities that can be used with children aged five to 12 years to provide immediate relief against worry and anxiety, or used to support a proactive positive mental health approach.
Each pack explores related topics and contains downloadable activities for children.

The physio at VBM (Patrick Guest) is a children’s book author. His latest book, Windows, is due for release soon. Here is a YouTube video and his website for interest and support.

YouTube video: Windows, by Patrick Guest and Jonathan Bentley

For young adults

Opportunity for young adults (aged 18-24) to get some training on leadership, outdoor education and other skills by be becoming an Intern at Camp Coolamatong, Vic. Applications are open all year and have a maximum of 12 spots available each year with internships starting mid-Jan.

For more info visit 

Apps you may like

Chaplain Barry has shared a few apps he finds useful, especially at this time…..

You Version Bible
I use this app every single day. I can read Scripture from just about any available translation. I can search for scriptures if I don’t know where it is. I can follow daily reading plans and devotions written by some of the most well-known Christian preachers in the world. It’s the best Bible app available hands down. And it is 100% free!

Soul Space
This is a Christian meditation and mindfulness app. It’s free but very limited unless you cough-up $6.99 a month or $16.99 for a year. It’s great value because of the content. I love using the sleep meditations particularly on nights where I can’t shut down my mind after a busy day. Honestly, I haven’t reached the end of one of their meditations yet because I’m fast asleep before that! As you may have realised by now, I don’t like paying for apps in general, but this is one I’m happy to purchase. Soul Space offers biblically based reflections and meditations on subjects such as:
• Anxiety
• Safety
• Acceptance
• Courage
• Healing
• Joy
• Calm for Kids
• Purpose
• And many more.

Head Space
An alternative to Soul Space if you’d prefer non-religious mindfulness and meditations. It covers topics such as:
• Personal Growth
• Performance Mindset
• Work and productivity
• Stress and Anxiety
• And more
Like Soul Space, Head Space is free but limited without purchasing a subscription. It costs $19.99 a month or $91.99 annually.

Overdrive or Libby
Overdrive – contains thousands of EBooks and audiobooks which can be downloaded to your personal device. For a free (the best kind!) account, fill out a AE968 web form and send it to [email protected]
Libby – a more user-friendly Overdrive. It remembers your login details: Overdrive logs you out each time. You can access multiple public library catalogues as well as defence libraries.

Other links that may be of interest

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